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France 2003

 A Provence Encore

The 10 Images of  A Provence Encore are organized into 3 groupings.

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 A Provence Encore

New visitors soon fall under the spell of the Provence region of France.
Those who already know it remain enchanted, returning year after year for a taste
of la vie Provencale. As "A Provence Encore" represents a new series of photographic
 work from our second visit to Provence, count us among those under the "spell."

Most visitors are at a loss to know where to start, such is the variety of
the landscape and wealth of ancient history, but for my work, the true essence
of Provence is found in the myriad sleepy medieval villages, precariously
perched on steep hillsides or hidden in a sun-drenched landscape of slivery olive
groves, vineyards and parasol pines, splashed with poppy fields. A countryside
painted with the vivid palette of Van Gogh and Cezanne.

Please accept an invitation to tour with me in this colorful region of France.
I hope you enjoy your visit as much as 1 did,and that you find a special
image to brighten a wall in your home or office.

You may order these, or other images from our world travel series,
by calling 517-927-1308,
and by using e-mail:

France 1
"Artiste Floral"

"At The Blue Door"

"Breakfast In Provence"

"Dusk At Place Albertas"

France 2
"Lace And Roses"

"Poterie Center"

"Provence Color Riot"

"Provence Porte"

France 3
"Rue Du Nord"

"Vegetable Cart"

Check the Art Show Schedule for when I will be near you.

The 10 Images of France 2003A Provence Encore
are organized into 3 groupings.

France 1   France 2   France 3


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