Old World Images of Greece - 2006

The Light and Color of the Greek Islands

The 18 Images of Greece are organized into 5 groupings.

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It is said that you cannot truly understand Western Civilization until you have visited its
birthplace--fabled Greece. In this new photographic collection, I share with you the
romance associated with the Greek Isles, in visits to Santorini, Naxos, and Mykonos.
First, however, I shake off jet-lag and exercise my shutter finger with an excursion
to a small island not far from mainland Greece, home to picturesque
Hydra Town built around a crescent-shaped bay.

Next, we move on by boat to three other islands set in the sparkling Aegean Sea, habitats
of the mythical gods and heroes of the ancient world. In fact, the island of Santorini is
the most unique island on earth and is the possible site of Lost Atlantis.

Archaeologists believe that Santorini was formed by a cataclysmic eruption some time
between 1500 and 1300 B.C. that precipitated the end of the Minoan civilization.
Santorini is today a quiet and hauntingly beautiful island. It's capital, the little town of Fira,
clings to the edge of a cliff, which is in fact, the rim of the crater. It is reached by 587
steps winding their way up from the harbor, which are the subject of the
Santorini photograph, "Down to the Sea".

Not to be missed for its' unspoiled Greek atmosphere is the island of Naxos offering a
varied scenery that is a verdant and mountainous hinterland. The photograph,
"Naxos Dining" was taken in one of the geranium filled back-streets of the old Naxos town.

Mykonos is the definitive Greek Island. Perhaps the most famous holiday resort in the
Aegean, with an area of 23 square miles and a population of about 15,000. The
outstanding feature of this island, situated 96 nautical miles from Piraeus, is its dazzling
brightness; blazing sunlight reflects off the always freshly whitewashed houses and
churches. Practically everything is white -- even the trunks of the few trees
in town are painted white.

This brightness makes getting up in the morning a pleasure. When evening approaches,
Mykonos comes alive with activity such as dining at smartly set waterside tables
with brilliant red table clothes as seen in my photograph, "Little Venice Dining".

Mykonos offers romantic beauty found nowhere on earth. The island has been called
the "Venice of Greece" and also the "Capri of Greece" because of its rich sandy beaches.

I hope you will feel the essence of these strikingly beautiful Greek Islands in the
images I captured on this dream photographic tour.

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Greece 1
"Church And Boats"

"Little Venice Reservations"

"Million Dollar Vista"

"Rainbow Villas"

"Watchful Santorini Cat"

Greece 2
"Dinning On Naxos"

"Gate To Santorini Church"

"Honeysuckle Stairway"

"Hydra Island Market"

Greece 3
"Mykonos Walk"

"Oia Village Colors"

"Stairway Of Flowers"

Greece 4
"Down To The Sea"

"Lady In Red"

"Mediterranean Welcome"

Greece 5
"Oia Open Window"

"Thira Gate"

"Jewels Of Light"

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The 18 Images of  Greece - 2006  are organized into 5 groupings.

Greece 1    Greece 2    Greece 3    Greece 4    Greece 5

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