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These 13 Images of Italy are organized into 3 groupings.

Italy 1

ITALY 1 captures the heart of Florence.

First, a beautiful interior courtyard with a central fountain graced by "Verrocchio's bronze cupid."

Just outside, and near the Loggia della Signoria which houses two famous sculptures, is the "Orcagna Cafe" with its yellow tablecloths and a bicycle.

The soft colors and shuttered windows are on the back side of the shops housing the jewelers and silversmiths on the Old Bridge, "Ponte Vecchio," dating from the 10th century.

The fourth image in ITALY 1 is a "Rooftop Garden" nestled among the red tiled roofs of Florence.

Italy 2

ITALY 2 contains two more cityscapes from Florence.

One is an early morning shot of the Ponte Vecchio Bridge over the " Arno River." The other, "Pizzeria & Mopeds," is a good place to take a relaxing break.

The third and fourth images are from Siena.
Siena is the type of place that you need not enter a single building to enjoy it as the city, as a medieval whole, is the main event.

"Siena-view from the Cathedral" provides a captivating view of the town and countryside.

"Siena-Campo view from Bell Tower" presents a dynamite view of the Piazza del Campo; the ramparts; and the town's undulating carpet of burnt-sienna-colored roofs.

Italy 3

In ITALY 3, we move in close for intimate views of the surrounding Chianti hill towns and landscapes.

"Italian Welcome" invites you to pause, as does "Monteriggioni Cafe."

Tall cypress trees dot the hillsides in the warm evening light of "Tuscany Farm Landscape".

"Florence Produce Stand" presents the finest harvest of the area.

The full PORTRAIT OF FLORENCE & TUSCANY series contains twenty more images including San Gimignano. No trip to Tuscany would be complete without a visit to San Gimignano and it's famous towers that dominate the ramparted hilltop town's famous silhouette. I will be featuring the series during this year's art show tour.

Check the Art Show Schedule for when I will be near you.

These 13 Images of Italy are organized into 3 groupings.

Italy 1    Italy 2    Italy 3

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