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The beautiful region of Tuscany was my first look at Italy. This new photography excursion to Northern Italy, the Lakes and Venice, proved to be just as breathtaking in beauty as Tuscany, but with the feel of a different country. Much of the trip between Milan and Venice bordered the base of the Swiss Alps.

Italy 1 

"Venetian Carnival Mask"
This image is an example of the treasures found in Venice. Unique is defined by dictionaries as meaning the only one of its kind or without equal--certainly an apt description of Venice. Venice occupies about 117 small islands separated by over 100 canals spanned by roughly 400 bridges. It is divided into two parts by the reverse-S-shaped Grand Canal, one of the most magnificent waterways on Earth.

"Rialto Panorama"
"Rialto Panorama" is shot from a gondola on the Grand Canal looking back to the Rialto Bridge that has been a busy part of the city for centuries. At any time of day you will find swarms of crowds jostling on the bridge, browsing among the souvenirs, or taking a break to watch the constant swirl of activity on the Grand Canal.

"Waiting Gondolier"
Gondoliers are part of the symbolism and mythology of Venice. Their intimate knowledge of the city's waterways is passed down from father to son. Once essential for the transport of goods from the markets to the Palazzi, gondolas today are largely pleasure craft and a trip on one is an essential part of the Venetian experience. Gondolas are hand-crafted from nine woods--beech, cherry, elm, fir, larch, lime, mahogany, oak and walnut--using techniques established n the 1880's.

"Basilica San Marco"
An awesome basilica, built on a Greek cross plan and crowned with five huge domes. A dazzling vision right out of a Byzantine fairy tale, shamelessly flaunting the loot of Venice's 13th-century sack of Constantinople. The west facade is pierced by five arches. Here, in this image over a doorway arch, we look at a colorful mosaic showing the basilica as it was in 1210.

Italy 2

"Doges' Palace Detail"
Doges's Palace was the seat of the Venetian government and the official residence of the doge, an elected chief executive with limited powers, from the 9th century until the end of the republic in 1797. The palace is exotic and is almost Oriental in style, reflecting Venice's Byzantine connections. The palace is next to the Basilica San Marco.

"San Marco Cafe"
Elegant cafes, open-air orchestras, and smart boutiques beneath the arcades of the Procuratie provide plenty of entertainment on Piazza San Macro. Tourists flock here in the thousands, for the Piazza's eastern end is dominated by two of the city's most important historical sights.--the Basilica and the Doge's Palace. So close to the waters of the lagoon, the Piazza is one of the first points in the city to suffer at high tide.

"Early Reservation"
One of the many lovely cafes in the popular resort of Riva del Garda, the second largest town (Pop. 13,000) on Lake Garda. It is elegant, sophisticated, and exceptionally rich in historical remains.

"Lake Grandeur"
Isola Bella (Beautiful Island) much admired by writers and poets over the centuries, is in fact man-made. Count Borromeo ordered the fabulous Baroque gardens to be created on what was once barren rock. "Lake Grandeur" image is looking from the 17C Lombard-Baroque palace grounds with the Swiss Alps in the background. Isola Madre (Mother Island) is at the center of the image.

Italy 3

"Burano Color"
"Burano Wash"
"Lavender Abode"
"Burano Canal"

Burano is the most colorful of the lagoon islands. Lying in a lonely expanse of the northern Veneta lagoon, it is distinguished from a distance by the tall, dramatically tilted tower of its church. The island is densely populated and its waterways are lined by brightly painted houses.

Italy 4

"House of Juliet"
Most major Italian cities are Roman in origin but, apart from Rome itself, few show their ancestry so clearly as does Verona. Shakespeare's tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is based on a real situation, even if the people are fictitious. Lovers from all over the world come to "Juliets Balcony" to pledge their love.

"Madonna of Verona Fountain"
This fountain splashes away quietly in the middle of Piazza Erbe, named after Verona's old herb market. The fountain dates from Roman times, a reminder that this piazza has been in almost continuous use as a market place for 2000 years.

"Balcony Study"
These intricate iron stairs and balconies overlook Piazza Erbe in Verona.

"World Famous Milan Galleria"
One of Milan's best known landmarks, is the elegant Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a 19th century shopping arcade lined with quality shops, restaurants, and "outdoor" cafes where you can sit down for an expensive drink and watch the world go by. Pass through it and continue on to Piazza della Scala, location of the renowned La Scala Opera House.

Italy 5 

"Ride's End"  
"Italian Ambiance"  
"Cobblestone Dining"  

The highlight of any European trip for me is the discovery of quiet corners.
Here are three treasures of "found" ambiance in small Italian villages,

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These 19 Images of Italy are organized into 5 groupings.

Italy 1   Italy 2   Italy 3
Italy 4   Italy 5  


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