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My studio and home are in Lansing, Michigan, the Capital City, which is home to Michigan State University.

I have spent over 20 years studying the art of photography. I was on the adjunct faculty of Lansing Community College, teaching photography courses for 10 years.

Although primarily a fine artist, I have accepted assignments for editorial photography and my work has appeared on book and magazine covers. Corporate use includes design and publication by such companies as Oldsmobile, Michigan Capital Healthcare, plus a growing list of clients in the Midwest.

I enjoy taking photography to an art form using balance, light, design, and the image's emotional content. Some collectors of my work have even described the sensitivity to composition of landscape and architectural as seductive. Recent photographic travels to Europe have unveiled the Old World beauty of a quiet life that reflects itself in cobblestone streets and buildings in the most beautiful villages of Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, and Spain.

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Equipment & Materials

I am interested in giving collectors of my work the finest grain and greatest detail available.  I expose my work on ultra fine grain film and use a tripod for rock steady sharpness. 
For the past two years, I have recorded my images on a medium format camera, the Pentax 645 with a negative size nearly three times larger than 35mm format.  Earlier work was shot on 35mm Nikon equipment, however, each image taken was transferred to a 4x5 inter-negative to create the final print, thus producing sharpness to rival medium format.

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Places of Interest

France Photogenique
"Unique Photo Tours to Unusual Places"  Barbara Van Zanten, Photographic Artist

"Since 1990 when we organized our first small group photo tour to Burgundy,
France Photogenique USA has been dedicated to providing carefully planned,
high quality, small group photo tours for photographers of all levels who wish
to improve their photographic skills using Europe as their classroom."


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Limitations of the Medium

The images displayed on these pages are low-resolution digitized representations
of non-manipulated, true photographs, unless otherwise specified.

The water-mark logo "W. Spencer Parshall"  displayed on most images is for
identification purposes and of course does not exist on the prints for purchase.

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