Old World Images of Prague, Budapest, & Vienna

My 1998 Collection of new images is a Baroque trio offering a mix of romance, intrigue and Old-World atmosphere.

The 16 Images of Prague, Budapest, & Vienna are organized into 4 groupings.

Prague 1   Prague 2   Budapest   Vienna

Perched between the East and West, we experience first-hand legacies of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Whether it's the lovely strains of Strauss and Shubert symphonies in Vienna, the monuments to Habsburg monarchs lining the cobbled Danube bridges of Budapest, or the bohemian art scene of enchanted Prague, you will see some of the reminders that these cities once ruled the Western World.


We open our tour with the enchanted city of PRAGUE, a magical place where 1,000 years of history casts a potent spell over inhabitants and visitors alike. The "City of a hundred spires" miraculously escaped destruction in the Second World War, leaving an impossible, almost surreal treasure hoard of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Art Nouveau and cubist architecture. Prague, City of 100 Spires

Prague Castle romantically tops the evening skyline. Prague Castle & Charles Bridge-Dusk

We enter the Stare Mesto quarter (The Old Town), for an unusual walk exploring the fascinating maze of streets, the medieval Old Town of Prague. Stare Mesto

Climbing the hill to the castle on the Royal Route, we come to the busy Nerudova Street named after the Czech writer Jan Neruda. Before every house had to be numbered, each house was known by the name of its sign. This is the house of The Three Violins. The Three Violins


Among the outstanding attractions of the Rococo Old Town Square, is the Astronomical Clock on the Old Town Hall displaying both time and the astronomical calendar. The clock is from the beginning of the 15C. Town Hall Astronomical Clock

The Charles Bridge is level with the second story of this house and the intriguing shadows from the wrought iron balcony and flower boxes. Balcony Shadows

Prague puppets are nicely crafted and imaginative and make charming souvenirs. Many puppets represent traditional characters from popular plays such as the Czech Punch and Judy. Three Prague Puppets

Not be be missed on any excursion outside Prague is Cesky Krumlov, one of Europe's most charming villages. Double Window Boxes


On to BUDAPEST, the capital of Hungary, situated at the very heart of Europe. Buda on the west bank of the famous River Danube and Pest on the east bank. Within 30 years after the two towns were amalgamated in 1873, Budapest had become one of the leading cities of Europe.

Illustrating the grand detail of the quintessential architecture of the Parliament building is this section of marble floor. Parliament Splendor

Much of Buda's charm dates from the 18th century. Today, this grocery anchors a busy street corner. Buda Produce and Deli

On Varhegy (Castle Hill) picturesque streets abound, among them Fortunautca and an interesting cafe. Pest-Buda Cafe

The magic of the Danube and the lighted Chain Bridge connecting Buda and Pest. Moon over Budapest

A short ride in the Hungarian countryside takes us to Szentendre. Szentendre Cafe and Shoppes


Tucked into the northeastern corner of Austria, VIENNA has long been the crossroads of Europe. Despite all the warring and diplomatic intrigue over the years, the Viennese created an immensely cultured and leisurely lifestyle which remains part of the city's great attraction.

Whipped cream and waltzes represent two bastions of Viennese social life. A third bastion is the flourishing music scene. Vienna is the home of Mozart, Beethoven, Hyden, Shubert, Brahms, Brukner, Mahler...and the list goes on.

First stop has to be a pastry shoppe. This display window of calorific pastries is on Vienna's old street, Backerstrasse. Vienna Temptations

Coffee houses and cafes abound and one of the most pleasant and colorful is on the Schottenring of the inner city. Vienna Cafe and Carriage

The Hundert Wasser House balcony and windows are playful for Vienna. Playful Departure #2

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The 16 Images of Prague, Budapest, & Vienna are organized into 4 groupings.

Prague 1   Prague 2   Budapest   Vienna

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