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Italy 2004  -  Tuscany

The 15 Images of Tuscany are organized into 4 groupings.

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Natural, cultural and culinary endowments are what fashion the legends of
Tuscany. These treasures keep me going back to capture on film the Tuscan towns,
rolling hills, verdant vineyards and regal cypress trees that contribute to
today's Tuscany....Consummately Italian, yet uniquely, passionately and
eternally Tuscan.

This second visit was even more exciting than our first trip to Tuscany,
because we added the West coast of Italy to include the seaside resort of
Portofino, a yachting heaven, and The Cinque Terre, a simpler and more secluded area
of vertical, compact, colorful fishing villages.  The five villages that make
up the Cinque Terre, cling to the coastline and have poor road access, so we
visited the villages by boat from the northernmost port of Monterosso al Mare.

Come along with me and my camera to share in the landscape joys such as
sweeping yellow canola fields and red poppies with cypress trees on the Tuscan blue
sky horizon.  When viewing the recent movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" I was
thrilled to find that one of my favorite images of a famous tiny chapel, flanked
by a single cypress tree on each side appears briefly on screen. (Look for it
in the portfolio-Title: "Tiny Chapel")

Fifteen images from over 400 were chosen as my top favorites. They include
intimate glimpses of small courtyards, colorful vignettes of cliffside fishing
ports, vegetable and fruit markets, small town piazzas, unique shops, plus the
architecture of finely preserved Gothic buildings and magnificent landscape
views.   Enjoy!  All images are available in a variety of sizes for your home or
office. (See how to order page)

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Tuscany 1
"Lucignano Walk"

"Vulnetia Umbrellas"

"Villa Courtyard 26"

"Cinque Terre Harbor"

Tuscany 2
"Backstreet Passage"

"Portofino Wine Welcome"

"Pienza Market"

"Lucignano Villa"

Tuscany 3
"Lucignano Courtyard"

"Portofino Dream"


"Riomaggiore Harbor"

Tuscany 4
"Vernazza Life"

"Tiny Chapel"

"Pienza Piazza"

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The 15 Images of  Italy - Tuscany 2004
are organized into 4 groupings.

Tuscany 1    Tuscany 2    Tuscany 3    Tuscany 4


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